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Books By Jane B Night are available in several formats at most retailers including Amazon and Audible.

Singing The Last Song
Birdie Louis needs to get away from small town Lancaster Ohio and the memories of her life before tragedy claimed her mother, father, and brother. She joins band Rev 21 as they travel the US singing protest songs against World War III. It doesn't take her long to find herself in love with Neil, the band's bossy singer; and Eric, the artistic guitarist. As the countdown to the end of the world begins, will love be enough to save them all?

Educating Autumn

When Orion Louis first sees Autumn he finds her beautiful. When he hears her quote lines from a book; even though it is taboo for a woman to read, he knows he must have her as a wife. Buying Autumn as a wife is easy. Orion has a small fortune that he can part with for the woman of his dreams. Autumn is not happy to be sold to a stranger who will be taking her far from her family. She is even more terrified when her mother tells her of the "wifely duties" a woman is expected to perform. Autumn is sure she will hate Orion and her duties as a wife. On their wedding night Orion promises that he will not force her to consummate the marriage. Instead, he will wait for her to come to him willingly. She is sure she will never do any such thing. What woman would consent to letting a man do that? Orion is equally sure that with a little care and a lot of seduction Autumn will become the wife and companion his heart craves. Especially after she learns the secrets hidden in the diary of Mathew Louis. This book takes place hundreds of years after the events in Singing the Last Song however it can be enjoyed independently as well.